Become $100k Beauty Professional


Beauté Council is the brainchild of two ambitious salon owners who saw an opportunity to bring advanced training for beauty professionals online.


COVID changed the landscape for many businesses, but when two women who trained professionals nationally could no longer teach in person, they needed to figure out a better way to reach students across the country. They also wanted some level of confidence that there was a demand for their idea.


Become A $100k Beauty Professional is a series of online training programs that teaches people working in the beauty industry for at least two years how to maximize their income through mindset changes and practical strategies that they learn today and do tomorrow. 


Role: Pm/UX/UI


User Workshop
Journey Map
User Personas
User Flows
Desirability Testing



Target Audience Workshop

In order to learn more about beauty professionals, their career path, and their pain point and motivations, I conducted an interactive workshop, which also included name storming workshop. 

Career Journey Map

I outlined to career journey of a beauty professional, which was the result of a collective exercise during the workshop. 

Persona Development

Informed by learnings during the workshop, I created four proto personas. After internally discussing the company’s strengths and the opportunities among beauty professionals, we decided to target one of the four personas.


I created a high-level plan for applying a UX process to a new business venture. In order to validate desirability, the approach outlined creating a compelling sales landing page – informed by insights from the workshop, and preselling the first course before going into production. 

User Flows with Marketing Entry Points

This userflow maps., at a high level, the marketing entry point to the sales page and the path through purchase, and which platforms would be used. Additionally, it maps additional pages that were deprioritized for a later date.

The Psychology of a Sales Page

The sales page was written with insights from the workshop in mind. Estheticians are very detail-oriented and want as much information upfront, such as all of the ingredients in a product. A sales page was written with this in mind providing potential customer with all of the information they needed to make a decsion. 

Annimated Video Teaser

Conversely, secondary research revealed that most hairdressers live with ADD. This was confirmed in the worship. Because of this finding, the sales page targeted at hairdressers included more visuals and much less text and a video created to match the color scheme of the site.

Wires to UI Exploration Process

I designed a wireframe of the landing page and tested the copy with several people within the target audience. From there, I designed some UI options and the final design reflected the boldness of the target marekt. 

Before all else…design system

Before developing the mocks on an interface, I created a digital style guide on a hidden page of the website. These were made as global components so they could be reused and edited across the site from one place. 

Final WordPress UI

The final UI was developed on WordPress wih a Divi framework in responsive units.