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Trelora, a real estate firm that’s stirring up the market with an innovative business model, found that the biggest barrier to buying a home is saving for the down payment. From a user standpoint, they needed a better way to help potential homebuyers save for their home down payment. From a business standpoint, they needed a way increase their leads of potential home buyers.


PiGGi is a native iOS app that helps home buyers track and chip away at saving for their down payment that, correspondingly, creates a list of potential leads for Trelora.

Role: Project Manager – UX Researcher – UX/UI Designer


User Interviews
Affinity Mapping
Behavioral Economic Research
Feature Analysis
Persona Development
High Fidelity Mockups




To understand the hardest parts of saving for a home down payment, myself and my team conducted 1-on-1 interviews with people who were either currently saving for their home down payment or planning to start saving in the near future. We found common themes by using affinity mapping and used these findings to develop 2 personas which were used to guide our user-centric user flows and app design.

Because people are less likely to be transparent and accurate about their money management, we also conducted behavioral economic research to supplement our primary research. Additionally, as part of a feature analysis, we looked at other mobile applications and websites that help people save money.

What to Develop

After assessing user needs and sleuthing competitors for feature ideas, we came up with a list of possible ideas to include in the app. But of course, the sky isn’t always the limit, so we called in some developers to help ground us and solicit their feedback on which ideas were the most doable. From this session, we came out with features that would take the least amount of resources to develop resulting in our MVP.

Prototyping & Testing

After creating two user flows and an app map, we sketched app screens and tested the flows with users. With the feedback, we infused iterations into our mock-ups.

UI & App Design

As a business, Trelora is breaking the real estate industry business model. We wanted to reflect that in our app design. Most of the money tracking and savings apps are formal, which is congruent with the financial industry overall.

We created a look and feel that was friendly, fun, and approachable – the opposite of other money management applications. Additionally, we gamified elements of the app to increase user delight. We kept the color palette and typestyle consistent with Trelora’s website, but animated a piggybank icon and featured it in the design.

Prototyping & Refining

We tested our app using InVision and refined the design based on user feedback.


This was a native mobile app for iOS so I learned how to reference the HIG and design an application for the iOS store. There was a lot of infomation to dive into, but discovering the differences and nuances between iOS and Android (I am an Android user) was fun.

Additionally, this project was a collaborative effort between myself and a team member. I learned that creative ideas have better outcomes when all project members feel safe to express their themselves – such as these initial sketches that my partner produced while we brainstormed. There were several times where we came up with different ideas and challenged eachother on them producing a better end product.